Monthly Archive: January 2016


WordPress Function to Customize the Dashboard

Customize the Dashboard add_action(‘wp_dashboard_setup’, ‘my_custom_dashboard_widgets’); function my_custom_dashboard_widgets() { global $wp_meta_boxes; Remove these dashboard widgets… unset($wp_meta_boxes[‘dashboard’][‘normal’][‘core’][‘dashboard_plugins’]); unset($wp_meta_boxes[‘dashboard’][‘side’][‘core’][‘dashboard_primary’]); unset($wp_meta_boxes[‘dashboard’][‘side’][‘core’][‘dashboard_secondary’]); Add a custom widget called ‘Help and Support’ wp_add_dashboard_widget(‘custom_help_widget’, ‘Help and Support’, ‘custom_dashboard_help’); } This is the...


WordPress Function to Remove pings to your own blog

Remove pings to your own blog Tested on: WordPress 3.0.1 //remove pings to self function no_self_ping( &$links ) { $home = get_option( ‘home’ ); foreach ( $links as $l => $link ) if (...


WordPress Function to Enable GZIP output compression

Enable GZIP output compression Normally the server should be set up to do this automatically, but a lot of shared hosts don t do this (probably to increase client bandwidth usage) if(extension_loaded(“zlib”) && (ini_get(“output_handler”)...