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How to Use Memcached For Your WordPress Website?

An Introduction to Memcached Every MySQL query you perform takes valuable time, CPU power, and is often redundant when you’re executing the same queries over and over. The main goal when using Screenplay Coverage...


Here are some WordPress Comments Related Snippets

Here are some Comments Related Snippets: 1. close the ability to comment globaly function closeCommentsGlobaly($data) { return false; } add_filter(‘comments_number’, ‘closeCommentsGlobaly’); add_filter(‘comments_open’, ‘closeCommentsGlobaly’); 2. Give admin a different Css Class for he’s comments if...


WordPress Function to Load jQuery from the Google CDN

Tested on: WordPress 3.0.1 // even more smart jquery inclusion 🙂 add_action( ‘init’, ‘jquery_register’ ); // register from google and for footer function jquery_register() { if ( !is_admin() ) { wp_deregister_script( ‘jquery’ ); wp_register_script(...