Backlight Lamp Replacement


It is possible to replace a failed backlight lamp with a new one but it’s not easy because the backlight lamp is buried deep inside the LCD screen and it’s very easy to damage the screen during the disassembly process. This repair should be performed only by an experienced technician. For inexperienced people it would be much easier to replace the whole LCD screen.

Backlight Lamp Failure Symptoms

1. The laptop screen lights up only for a short period of time or will not light up at all. The image on the screen is so dim that you can barely see it. At the same time, an external monitor attached to the laptop works fine.

2. When you turn on the laptop, the screen works fine for a while, then start flickering and the light turns off. Again, there is a very faint image on the laptop screen and external video output works fine.

3. The screen works but the image has a reddish/pink tone. External video output works fine.

The backlight lamp failure symptoms are very similar to the inverter board failure symptoms. If you have to guess which one is causing the problem, try replacing the inverter board first.

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