How to replace tiny sound ic chips in a Laptop motherboard

Burnt ic chip on the motherboard

The laptop would not turn on.


Closer view of the burnt ic chip….


Bad chip needs to be replaced.

Learn how to replace bad ic chip on the laptop motherboard


IC chip is soldered to motherboard and the laptop now works fine.

if a chip is dead just replace it !!.

Advance ic chip removal process


1st) Remove the chip

How to remove ic chip with 102 pins.


The chip is removed then find the same chip from another motherboard.


Place Flux around the new chip in order to help with the soldering.


The contacts need to be free of solder so the pins can’t short. Use the soldering iron to

brush away excess solder from the joints.


The old chip is removed. The new chip is now in place.

*Ensure that the version number on the old chip is the same as the new chip.

How to install wireless card in an old Laptop motherboard

Below is motherboard that needs a wifi card. There are 125 pins on the motherboard in two pairs. 250 pins !


First solder the new slot in place.


Image below shows a soldered slot in place.


Now we just need a wifi card.


Ok the card is in place now this old laptop is wireless.

How to remove tiny capacitor from Laptop motherboard

The capacitor is removed and placed on the two penny piece.


Then replace the bad capacitor with a new capacitor and solder it to the laptop motherboard.


The new capacitor is soldered to the laptop motherboard.


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