Laptop optical drive light flashing constantly

Problem description:

The laptop optical drive (CD/DVD drive) light flashing constantly. The optical drive will not read CD or DVD discs. In some cases you cannot even open the drive.

Possible cause:

1. Bad connection between optical dive and motherboard.

2. Optical drive failure.

3. Motherboard failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

1. Try reconnecting the optical drive. Remove it from the laptop and plug it back in. It’s possible that the optical drive doesn’t make good connection with the motheboard and reconnecting the drive will fix the problem.

2. If reconnecting the drive doesn’t fix the problem, most likely this it the drive failure. Replace the optical drive with a new one.

3. It’s not likely but there is a chance that you have a problem with the motherboard. The optical drive controller could be bad. If that’s the case, the whole motherboard has to be


Alternatively, you can use an external USB optical drive.

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