Laptop starts loading Windows and freezes

Problem description:

The laptop turns on, starts loading Windows and freezes at the loading page. The only way to turn the laptop off is hard power down.

Possible cause:

1. Memory failure.

2. Corrupted software.

3. Hard drive failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

This problem could be related to the memory failure. Here are some things you can try: – Download and run Memtest86+ memory test. If you are getting errors, the laptop has bad memory. – If you have only one memory module installed, try moving it into the empty slot and test the laptop. If the laptop still fails, try replacing the memory module. – If you have two memory modules installed, remove them one by one and run Memtest86+ (Google it) with each module installed separately. Find the faulty module and replace it.

If reconnecting and replacing memory doesn’t help, this could be software related problem. Back up all personal files using an external USB enclosure and reinstall Windows from scratch. If you are sure that you have a software related problem, then you should consider api testing to know exactly what the problem is and how you can fix it.

There is a chance that you have faulty hard drive. Turn on the laptop and listen for sounds coming from the hard drive. If the hard drive makes repetitive clicking sounds before the laptop freezes, most likely you have a faulty hard drive. Replace the hard drive with a

new one.

You can test the hard drive with utilities found on Ultimate Boot CD (Google it). Burn this utility on a CD, boot the laptop from the CD and run hard drive diagnostic utility.

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