Laptop starts with random characters on the screen

Problem description:

Laptop displays some random characters on the screen with initial manufacturer’s logo. Random characters are scattered all over the screen and appear as soon as you start the laptop. You can distinguish vertical rows or random characters.

Possible cause:

1. Shared video memory failure.

2. Video card failure.

3. LCD screen failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

1. If your laptop has shared video memory (part of the main memory is used for video purposes), try replacing the memory module with a known good one and test the laptop. If you have two memory modules installed, try removing them one by one and test the

laptop with each memory module separately. This way you can isolate the faulty memory


2. Test your laptop with an external monitor. If random characters appear on both internal

and external screen, most likely your problem is related to the video card. In laptops with discrete video card you can replace just the video card. In laptops with integrated video card (it’s built into the motherboard) you’ll have to replace the whole motherboard.

3. If random characters appear only on the laptop LCD scree but external video works

normal, most likely it’s related to the LCD screen. You’ll have to replace the screen.

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