WordPress Function to Automatically adding header images from directory location

Automatically adding header images from directory location

Within the default them which comes with wordpress you will notice an additional theme menu which gets activated that lets you select a header image to be utilized. Within the default theme code these images are hardcoded into the functions.php file. The code below allows wordpress to automatically pick up new images based upon a specific header image directly you can create on your server (or within your themes folder).

It will automatically include any .jpg or .jpeg files. Every image must have a associating thumbnail file but this can just be a copy of the original with a different name with a file name that has to end in “-thumbnail”. The associating name is used as the description in the headers appearance settings and underscores are automatically replaced with spaces. (e.g. My_Header_Image_A.jpg, My_Header_Image_A=thumbnail.jpg will have a description automatically presented a ???My Header Image A???)

if ($handle = opendir( TEMPLATEPATH . '/images/headers/') ) {
    $headers = array();
    while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
        $pos = strrpos( $file, '.' );
        if( $pos !== false && $pos > 0 ) {
            $file_name = substr( $file, 0, $pos );
            if( strpos( $file_name, "-thumbnail" ) === false ) {
                $file_ext = substr( $file, $pos+1 );
                $file_ext_low = strtolower( $file_ext );
                if( $file_ext_low == "jpg" || $file_ext_low == "jpeg" ) {
                    $headers[$file_name] = array (
                    'url' => '%s/images/headers/' . $file,
                    'thumbnail_url' => '%s/images/headers/' . $file_name ."-thumbnail." . $file_ext,
                    'description' => __( str_replace( "_", " ", $file_name ), 'twentyten' )
register_default_headers( $headers );

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