WordPress Function to Loading scripts conditionally

Loading scripts conditionally

Here is a way to load scripts only if a particular shortcode or widget is present.
source: Loading scripts only if a particular shortcode or widget is present

function has_my_shortcode($posts) {
    if ( empty($posts) )
        return $posts;
    $found = false;
    foreach ($posts as $post) {
        if ( stripos($post->post_content, '[my_shortcode') )
            $found = true;
    if ($found){
        $urljs = get_bloginfo( 'template_directory' ).IMP_JS;
    wp_register_script('my_script', $urljs.'myscript.js' );
    return $posts;
add_action('the_posts', 'has_my_shortcode');

And here is how to load scripts only if a certain widget is present

To load the script in the page where the widget is loaded only, you will have to add the is_active_widget() code, in you widget class. E.g., see the default recent comments widget (wp-includes/default-widgets.php, line 602):

class WP_Widget_Recent_Comments extends WP_Widget {
    function WP_Widget_Recent_Comments() {
        $widget_ops = array('classname' => 'widget_recent_comments', 'description' => __( 'The most recent comments' ) );
        $this->WP_Widget('recent-comments', __('Recent Comments'), $widget_ops);
        $this->alt_option_name = 'widget_recent_comments';
        if ( is_active_widget(false, false, $this->id_base) )
        add_action( 'wp_head', array(&$this, 'recent_comments_style') );
        add_action( 'comment_post', array(&$this, 'flush_widget_cache') );
        add_action( 'transition_comment_status', array(&$this, 'flush_widget_cache') );

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